Niche Insurance

Business Insurance

With experience, we have learnt that specialist type risks require specialist type of cover. Over the years, we have built up our niche product offering, and are proud to be able to assist you with:

Trucking Insurance


We put the correctly structured policy together to ensure your continued delivery.

  • Damage, theft and hijack of insured vehicles.
  • Third party liability cover
  • Within territorial limits
  • Foreign drivers
Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability

It is good to know that there is cover for those cyber security situations in today’s tech world. From businesses that deal with client’s sensitive information to layman who is worried about identity fraud, Kapara provides the correct cyber liability insurance.
Liability insurance

Jewellery and Jewellery Industry

Kapara has over 30 years’ experience in broking in the jewellery industry, from individuals in the diamond trade as sole traders to large diamond manufacturers on a comprehensive specie wording including exports. We have also brokered for a number of well know national retailers. Currently covers have been extended to include auctioneering businesses handling jewellery sales.
Restaurants Insurance


Restaurants have a unique set of risks. We recently completed an analysis of all the specialist restaurant products being offered in the market. We looked at the risks that modern business in the hospitality sector face, and developed our own, bespoke Restaurant Insurance product. The product is a leader in this space and you will find the terms to be very favourable.
Contractors All Risks Insurance

Contractors All Risks

Contractor’s All Risks Insurance covers all types of building and civil engineering construction from residential (housing) to commercial (shopping centres and office blocks) to infrastructure (roads, bridges, dams, water and sewage reticulation pipelines) etc and indemnifies the client against the hazards which may threaten works under construction. At Kapara we have extensive experience in providing the appropriate covers on the particular risk that vary from construction site to construction site.

Liability insurance

Mining Risks

We are the brokers to a number of companies in the open mining arena with experience in placing beneficiation plants and the outgoing production and exports.

Marine Transit Insurance

Marine Transit

Insuring goods whether transported with your own vehicles, transport companies, rail or airfreight. Local or international, we have the team to put the correct cover in place.

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